Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Yeah, who cares?

Okay, seriously...How many fucking crosses can one person have in a house? It seems like they are everywhere I turn. I mean, lil Jeezy is hanging on two fucking sticks while I'm trying to pee. I think he's watching me. Yes Jeezy, front to back. Wouldn't want to give you another reason to send me to hell.

Feet. They are ugly and thats why they are down there and not up here. Please cover them. Thank you.

Do you ever take a picture and think..."ew, is that me?" Yeah, well if you don't...fuck you, alright. We can't all be perfect little fucking specimens, now can we? DOUCHEBAG.

People who don't really know you asking how some private area of your body is doing. No, not my crotch, that is quite fine, thank you. My tit. Is my tit your fucking business? No, no it is not. You are lucky I am no longer lactating or I would so drench your hobbit looking ass. For fuck sakes, this is the grocery store. Go buy your god damn milk and eggs and leave me and my tit alone.

People who save their placenta. WRONG, JUST FUCKING WRONG.

Okay, I'm fucking tired on very little sleep and my ass hurts from sitting in this chair so fuck you and goodnight...morning...whatever.

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